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1.      Your Agreement with Leslie S. Tsukroff, Inc. ("Leslie’s Company"): By signing up for services like webinars or online courses (we'll call these "Services"), you're letting Leslie’s Company use your name, picture, and other personal details they collect during the Services (let's call this "Your Info"). You consent because you're receiving value from participating in the Services. Besides any money you may have paid for these Services, this permission is also a kind of payment to Leslie’s Company.

2.      How Leslie’s Company Can Use Your Info: Leslie’s Company, and others they work with, can use, change, and show Your Info in all kinds of ways and everywhere. This could be for advertising, telling people about Leslie’s Company, or selling their products or services. They can do this forever, and they don’t need to ask you again or pay you anything else.

3.      Ownership and Control: Leslie’s Company owns everything they create using Your Info. This means they also own the rights, like copyrights, to these things. You're handing over all your rights to whatever they create using Your Info. You also understand that you can't review or change these materials before Leslie’s Company uses them, and they decide how, or if, they want to credit you.

4.      You're Giving Up Some Rights: You promise not to sue or make claims against Leslie S. Tsukroff, Leslie’s Company or those they work with for using Your Info. This includes claims about copyright, your reputation, or your privacy rights. Leslie’s Company trusts that you'll abide by this agreement, as they’ll be spending money and time based on it. Once you agree, you can't change your mind.

5.      This is Our Complete Agreement: This document contains everything we're agreeing upon regarding this topic. If something isn’t here, it’s not included. This agreement is under New Jersey law. If there are any issues or disputes about it, they must be resolved in New Jersey courts, and you consent to this.

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