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Leslie S. Tsukroff, MSW, LCSW is not an attorney.  Any information created and/or disseminated by Leslie S. Tsukroff, Inc., contained on this website or stated during a supervisory or consultation meeting, telephone/video conversation or during a workshop, seminar or webinar does not constitute legal advice. 


Leslie S. Tsukroff, Inc., Business Management Consultation for Mental Health Professionals provides clinical and ethical guidance only to those who have formally contracted for individualized or group supervisory or consultation services. 

Attendance or participation in a workshop. seminar or webinar does not constitute a formal contract for services. 

When faced with clinical issues or ethical dilemmas that may have legal consequences, 

Leslie S. Tsukroff, Inc. strongly encourages practitioners to consult their profession's Ethics Code, their state's professional licensing regulations, and other state and federal laws that govern the practice of mental health, as well as to seek guidance from their  professional membership organizations, their professional liability insurance risk management/legal department or an attorney well-versed in mental health laws in all of the states in which they practice.



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