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Psychotherapist • Consultant • Supervisor • Educator 

Since 1993, Leslie S. Tsukroff, MSW, LCSW has been empowering her clients to effect positive changes in their lives. By sharing practical, valuable, and healthy ways of coping with life’s stressors, Leslie enables people to focus on achieving their goals and making the most of their time in therapy.  

Counseling is not a one-size-fits-all process.  Leslie will provide a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment in which she can assess your history, symptoms, needs and personal style. Then she will work with you to develop a blueprint to guide your treatment.  

As the Founder and Executive Director of Leslie S. Tsukroff, Inc., Leslie began her entrepreneurial career in 1999 when she opened her first private practice location in Somerset County, New Jersey. Since earning her MSW in Clinical Social Work in 1993 from New York University, she gained expert knowledge through about issues important to private practitioners by managing her own small business, working as an outpatient care manager for one of New Jersey’s largest managed care companies and spearheading start-up programs for former employers.

In addition to owning a profitable and successful private practice, in 2000, Leslie launched Business Management Consulting for Mental Health Practitioners, a corporation aimed at assisting behavioral health clinicians achieve their business goals. In addition to providing customized services to the individual clinician, Leslie, New Jersey's Premier Ethics Consultant, offers a series of Ethics/Clinical Continuing Education workshops approved through the ASWB/ACE Individual Course/Conference approval program (formerly known as the ASWB New Jersey Continuing Education Course Approval Program (NJCECAP) for New Jersey social workers and other states that recognize the ASWB/ACE Individual Course/Conference approval.

Leslie’s commitment to core social work values is evidenced by her volunteerism to various professional mental health associations. In February 2018, Leslie accepted the honor of being appointed to a national Task Force charged with revising NASW’s Clinical Social Workers in Private Practice:  A Reference Guide.  As one of six volunteers on the Task Force, she was involved in developing a new, comprehensive, and practical document, now entitled, Clinical Social Workers in Private Practice: A Reference Manual, which is sure to become the preeminent resource for all private practitioners, not just Clinical Social Workers. In addition to providing input on the entire document, Leslie lent her professional ethics and private practice expertise by authoring sections on the subjects of professional wills, retirement and closing a private practice, minor's rights, issues impacting minors whose parents are divorced/separated, business planning, subpoenas, sliding scales, client–social worker practice agreements, informed consent standards and suggested case record forms. Being invited to share her expertise on issues impacting novice and veteran independent practitioners, as well as the clients they serve through the lens of Social Work ethics has been a long-time passion of Leslie's. She never dreamt that she would have the opportunity to collaborate with Clinical Social Work co-authors from across the country and to help set the standard of care for the profession. Leslie is grateful for the experience and hopes be included in the next update to Clinical Social Workers in Private Practice: A Reference Manual.   Copies of Clinical Social Workers in Private Practice: A Reference Manual can be purchased* from NASW Press  @ *Leslie S. Tsukroff, MSW, LCSW does not benefit financially from the sale of “Clinical Social Workers in Private Practice: A Reference Manual,” nor was she compensated for serving on the Task Force


Leslie has dedicated close to 3 decades to giving back to the social work community by  serving on various Boards of Directors, writing articles, offering pro-bono presentations, and providing low-cost supervision and consultation to social workers throughout the tristate area.  In June 2020, Leslie  returned to the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Association of Women Therapists, serving as the organization’s 21st President.   She is the former Chair for The New Jersey Chapter of The National Association of Social Workers Committee on Ethical Review and throughout her career she has served on several additional committees focused on continuing education for social workers, private practitioner concerns, insurance and managed care issues and social work licensure rules and requirements.

Leslie has a passion for the collaborative learning process, providing professional continuing education and drawing on her clinical/ethics–related experience and expertise. She conducts engaging training workshops focusing on traditional business practices, risk management techniques, documentation and record-keeping, private practice development, billing, ethical and legal issues and clinical matters.

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