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adults in transition - -
what's next?

Whether it’s a shift in your career, family composition, marital or employment status, adjusting to change can be challenging. 

Struggling with? 

  • First Time Parenthood? Motherhood? Fatherhood?

  • Empty Nesting?

  • A New Marriage or Relationship?

  • A Separation, Divorce, or a Blended Family?

  • Retirement? Shift in Career? Return to the Workforce?

  • Unemployment? Underemployment? 

  • Working from Home?

  • Being a member of the Sandwich Generation --working, parenting and caring for aging parents

  • Familial Loss

How we manage these life events often shapes how we view ourselves, and how we interact with our families, friends, and with the world.  


Whether the changes are expected or unexpected, pleasant or unpleasant, life transitions do not need to define you. Each can transform you in a positive way.  No matter how complicated, you have the ability to write and control your own narrative. 

Leslie can assist you in harnessing your innate power of resiliency; help you learn to effectively manage life’s stressors; and help you to a place where healing and growth can begin. 

Contact Leslie now 


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